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Looking for a washing machine repair in Dubai! At ANE Works Repair, we offer an entire washing machine repair and service in Dubai at reasonable prices. Moreover, we provide an entire variety of washing machine repair in Dubai. Therefore call our washing machine professional now for fast assist and booking.

Washing Machine Repair Service

Expert and skilled washing machine repair and service professionals in Dubai. Should you be looking for the following;

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Then you definitely happen to be in the best place. Talk with our professional right now for technical assist and service. ANE Works Repair Dubai offer you reasonable priced and High quality Washing Machine Repair Dubai Service.

A washing machine is definitely an costly appliance, which explains why investing in its servicing can help you save lots of money ultimately. ANE Works Repair is famous for the high quality of its washing machine repair in Dubai services. Our experts can come to your address, determine the challenge, and recommend one of the most sufficiently and affordable solution.

Our customers take advantage of a set price washing machine and dryer repairs Dubai. The cost contains the visit to your home, the labor fees and the expense of all essential repair parts.


Washing Machine Repair in Dubai


Washing Machine Service Dubai


Best Washing Machine Repair In Dubai


Same Day Washing Machine Repair In Dubai


Same-Day Washing Machine Repair Dubai

ANE Works offers same-day washing machine repairs. Dubai experts have comprehensive knowledge of most brands in the marketplace. Some of the washer and dryer brands that people focus on include Ariston, Daewoo, Zanussi, AEG, Electrolux, Bosch, Frigidaire, LG, Andesite, Whirlpool, Samsung, Siemens, and more.

We’re able to help you 24/7. Don’t delay until the problem gets worse. Acquiring a regular washing machine repair in Dubai can help you save money on much more expensive repairs later on. Moreover, an expert in the field will be effective at the diagnosis of your appliance and determining whether it requires any further repairs not really.

24/7 Affordable Washing Machine Technician

Expert and knowledgeable washer repair and maintenance technician located in Dubai. If you are looking for one of the following:

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Then you are in the right place. Don’t hesitate to contact our tech today for technical benefits and services. Your desired Home Appliance Technician across Dubai.


Common Washing Machine Problems

Our experts in washing machine repair can repair any issues with washing machines. Here are a few of the most commonly used repairs to washing machines in Dubai that we see

The Laundry Machine Doesn’t Run.

The washing machine you are with may not begin due to various reasons, ranging from basic, such as faulty power connections, to more complicated ones, such as malfunctioning controllers. Check that the water supply’s valves are in good working order and that nothing is blocking the valves’ screen. An unreliable water supply system could also prevent your machine from becoming unusable. Our highly trained washer repair technicians will perform everything to restore performance to your machine as fast as possible.

Washing Machine Drainage Issues

If your washer is not draining correctly, it may be caused by a blocked drain hose, an inefficient pump, or a damaged drain filter.

The Washer is Vibrating

If you set your washing machine on a rough surface, it’ll vibrate as it operates. A distorted load could cause the washer to oscillate equally across every surface. Set the washer’s feet to an uneven floor for perfect payoff.

The washing machine is making a noise.

A loud operation can signal problems with the belt, bearings, or motor. Worn-out parts might require replacement to eliminate the issue.

Washing Machine Spin Cycle Problems

If your washing machine cannot spin or is spinning irregularly, it could be due to issues with the belt, motor, or pulley that drives it. In some instances, unbalanced loads can also cause problems.

  • The defective lid switch assembly
  • Penalties for faulty control
  • Defective Clock
  • Improper Loading

If you’re looking for the perfect washing machine repair service in Dubai and the surrounding areas, you have found the right place. Ane Works Repair is Dubai’s standard for prompt, efficient, and reliable appliance repair.

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Our Services

Since we will assured in the high quality of our job, all washing machine and dryer maintenance include a 30 days guarantee. Furthermore, our weekend services are obtainable at no extra charge as well as the work will be completed on your premises. In this way, we’ll lower the repair time and the trouble brought on by harmed home appliances.

Call us right now or use our Contact Us page to plan your washing machine repair in Dubai scheduled appointment at the moment.

  • Experts Professional Team
  • Service Warranty
  • Reasonable prices
  • Delivery On Time
  • 24/7 Services
  • Fast & Easy

All Types Of Brands We repair Very Well

ANE Works Repair offers same-day service on all models of washers. It is possible that you need the Samsung Washing Machine Repair service , LG Washing Machine Repair, Bosch Washing Machine Repair, Panasonic Washing Machine Repair, Nikai Washing Machine Repair, Daewoo Washing Machine Repairing Service, Nobel Washer Repair, Super General Washing Machine Repair Men, Elekta Washer Repair, Hisense Washing Machine technician, Siemens Washing Machine Repairing Service, Kenwood Washing Machine Repairing or Hoover Washing machine repair in Dubai. Our team is experienced and will solve any of the mentioned models expertly.

Washing machine repair in Dubai

We Repair Most Important Home Appliances. All Models & Brands. We are the final call you will have to can make for your appliance repair requires. There are many Washing Machine brands found in Dubai. Customers failed to find a very good person who could repair the different models. Therefore, they depend non-quality job. However we certain our customers, we can repair any brand and often offer high quality work.

Along with high quality, customer happiness is incredibly important for us.


Washing Machine Repair In Dubai

ANE Works Repair Dubai provides all services for their customers and often attempts to satisfy every need of customers. Here is the most significant explanation that our customers believe in us.
Washing Machine Repair is a vital service in Dubai. There are lots of more solutions seen in Dubai, however additionally there is a massive market for Washing Machine Repair in Dubai. For Washing Machine Repair Dubai there are lots of businesses in Dubai. In most of such companies, ANE Works Repair Dubai features a visible brand. Our customer’s testimonials uncover that we are satisfying their repairing needs additional arranged and fantasticly.
Initial thing is we set 100% initiatives. Similarly, we never cost a lot of. Furthermore, there are lots of more services that we offer to our customers. Our customers call us repeatedly because of the trust we make with them. Ultimately, we worry about them.

Our Professionals Washing Machine Repair In Dubai

Our skilled experts have a variety of high quality appliance parts within their vehicles so your appliance repair is completed as fast as possible. Simply not just this we eliminate non-working components. And just set up brand new, the maker encouraged the applying part. Aside from this, When we can repair it with no need for brand new parts, you will. We make sure our professionals are fast and appear inside the scheduled appointment time period. We also provide free estimates with a repair. We can not execute any repairs without having your prior approval. No hidden fees!


Many of our customers suggest our Washing Machine Repair services to help other people because of the service quality. You will find many bogus companies in Dubai that get your money and don’t offer quality work. All those companies lose their believe in and customers usually do not believe in others. But we motivate our customers don’t give up hope and attempt the following opportunity with us. We never ever let our customer’s expectations straight down. We handled most brands of washing machines found in Dubai and the U.A.E.


Our professionals often improve their expertise through training and dealing with senior workers, professionals, and technicians. Moreover, they are doing carry on market research about services and their solutions.



  • We ensure that each and every work is guaranteed to final.
  • All Brands Appliances Repair and Service
  • Your fulfillment is our maximum concern
  • Before beginning work we talk about the price
  • All appliance services and fixing is completed on your property, lowering repair some disruption
  • Quick support at no additional charge!

Is the Washing Machine Making Noise and searching for a washing machine repair specialist in Dubai or if your automatic washer does not switch on, your washing machine does not drain adequately or it does not spin, it might have a very burning smell or leakage, Your washing machine could have an electric or mechanical problem.