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If you are searching for AC repair service in Dubai, contact ANEWORKSREPAIR. Air conditions are terrible require of houses and business in this contemporary universe. If you are operating a business or just desire your house to be convenient, there is no need to appear further than ANEWORKSREPAIR the reliable option service provider in Dubai. We seek to provide you with the best inline services for AC Repair Dubai. Apart from this, we provide setting up and long-term servicing solutions.

AC Repair Services Dubai +971529974112

AC Repair Services in Dubai +971529974112

We provides full diagnostics, repair, and fix/replacement services for air conditioner units. Generally, air conditioning problems could be attended to on the first consult diagnostics & AC repairs.

Popular Air Conditioner Issues In Dubai

No Power

Whenever your air conditioning unit is not switching on, it may just be a tripped blend. If it is not, among our professionals will come to examine and detect the challenge. Prior to the repair, we’ll give a quote with the suggestion so you know just what to anticipate when it comes to cost and time required.

Extreme Noise

When an air conditioner noises more noisy than normal, it’s probably a defective fan or condensate pump. Both are simple to repair or change but it’s essential that you’re positive in these repairs to avoid further harm to your system.

Bad Smell

Air conditioners are recirculating the air in the room. Consequently, smells and odors develop on the cooling coils. The system is eliminating the moisture from the environment, and consequently, you could have a build-up of germs that will only be taken out with professional chemical compounds. Getting the units frequently maintained is a guaranteed way of removing these bad scents.

Bad Efficiency

Having the unit frequently maintained will keep the best efficiency of the air conditioning program. Whenever a unit is not serviced, the accumulation of grime stops the air conditioning system from breathing in and out.

Leaking Water

Air conditioners will frequently leak or get too much water. If you’ve observed this occurring along with your unit, it’s probably either since it hasn’t been regularly serviced or since the condensate pump has unsuccessful. In any case, the repair is easy and generally will not take longer than one hour.

Failing to Cool

It is really an issue experienced by many residents every now and then and outcomes from two possible troubles: both the relaxed water strainers are obstructed by resolution or dust in the water, or the filtration are unclean and prevent the cool air from arriving through.

Aneworks Repair It 8-Point AC Service Contains:

Cooling Performance Evaluation

We’ll perform a complete evaluation of the air conditioning performance of your unit with a heat gun

Examine and Safely Disinfect AC Components

The operations of all equipment parts within the AC units will be completely examined to make sure right performance. We will also examine and safely disinfect most AC filters, vents and drainage line and gives before & after pictures at the instance.

Fan and Evaporator Evaluation

We’ll make sure the fan is operating properly and that you will find no obstruction in the evaporator coil

Air-Flow Stability Evaluation

We’ll make sure you get optimum air flow around every room and change air to various vents wherever this really is needed

Feedback to Customer

All the service, all of us feedback important information about the health of the AC system, any function performed and advise you of any more works or repairs required

Enhanced Cooling

Normal AC service repair the potency of your AC, making sure all mechanical parts are working suitably whilst additionally getting rid of dirt and bacteria. Frequently serviced AC units will be more reputable to hold your air awesome and secure.

Energy Performance

Dirty AC united need to work a lot more difficult to awesome in complicated conditions, bringing about higher energy consumptions and larger bills. AC servicing can make the procedure more effective and reasonably priced.


Regular AC services allow us to identify any possible issues early, before they could adversely impact the effective and safe running of the unit.

Looking for Ac repair in Dubai? Our company focused on ac repair service and maintenance is one of capable of being reliable and outstanding in Dubai. Our company is successful providing excellent quality of Ac repair service and maintenance to each its home and commercial customers in Dubai.


In case your Ac isn’t operating well for example Ac not air conditioning, throwing out warm air, seeping, omitting a bad smell, or any other problem then don’t worry our specialist team dedicated to these issues. If you want to our service then call in the professional instantly our specialist teams are resolve all of these challenge quickly effectively feasible.


Our Promise

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Professional AC Repair Services in Dubai

Our service was accessible through the entire United Arab Emirates which includes Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. You can arrive at us anytime and you may also schedule and appointment at your comfort. We are readily available for 24 hours with our broad variety of AC Repair In Dubai such as AC Repair Palm Jumeirah, AC Repair Dubai Marina, AC Repair Arabian Ranches. We seek to give a quick and fast AC Repair Dubai service delivery.

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We work with an expert with an comprehensive background in this area so they will resolve all sorts of inquiries for customers. If you need a top-quality AC service, then book a scheduled appointment for the handy time. Our aim is to offer high-quality Air Conditioning Servicing, AC Service Palm Jumeirah, AC Repair Palm Jumeirah, AC Repair Arabian Ranches, AC Maintenance Dubai Marina, AC Repair Springs Dubai, and AC Installing Dubai at reasonable prices.